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About Attez

Attez stands as a boutique business services provider, delivering top-notch services at competitive rates to burgeoning enterprises worldwide. Serving as a comprehensive one-stop-shop, we specialize in assisting businesses in maximizing profits, enhancing EBITDA, and elevating equity valuation. Our distinctive value proposition is underpinned by a strategic methodology tailored for emerging enterprises spanning diverse industry verticals and global locations. With unwavering domain expertise and a commitment to an advanced process management framework, we consistently uphold the highest standards of quality in our deliverables.

We have a team of nimble global consultants adept at using several established process improvement methodologies, each with 15-25 years of industry experience. Past clients span Fortune 500 Companies as well as Small and Medium Enterprises.
Our Lean Masters & Master Black Belts are considered one of the best in the Industry. Our team has a global footprint spanning North America, Europe and Asia. North American footprint supports USA, Canada and Mexico. In Europe, we have ability to provide services both in Western Europe and Eastern Europe. In Asia, coverage includes Indian Subcontinent, Far East and Middle East
Extensive practical experience gained while working as line managers in companies combined with consulting experience at diverse clients makes our consultants uniquely capable on delivering to your specific needs. The process improvements are done along with execution of technology automation and globalization of workforce.
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Lean Masters
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Operating Model

There are three levers that can help improve company’s operations. It is Process, Technology and Talent. A rigorous model – Tripletan is used to ensure appropriate execution of these three operational levers.

Process Improvements

Evaluate the current processes using Value Stream Mapping and develop improvement opportunities


Deploy right fit technology that improves the business processes. Automation can reduce process costs and increase consistency


Ensure that the appropriate talent is available at the right cost for execution

While evaluating business operations, it is important to holistically consider all the factors that impact operations. Many times consultants make the mistake of considering one of the factors weighted more heavily at the expense of ignoring other factors.