E-HR is a scalable Platform for employee management that digitizes process like Competency, Time and Leave management, Performance, Compliance etc to improve efficiencies and people effectiveness.


EAM helps an enterprise to manage assets effectively, including preventive maintenance, corrective maintenance, repair, upgrades, usage log, schedules, and finance, to efficiently deploy assets with lowest downtime and highest ROI.


PIMS is technology enabled process management tool which is driven by the process and designed for the process. PIMS will enable the visibility of real-time data in any industry.


AgroNova is a scalable Platform for Agriculture Industry that digitizes process like procurement, production, and distribution to improve efficiencies and profits.


Empulse eCommerce platform helps businesses to launch, host, and manage their online stores. Our platform provides features that allow merchants to build an online store to sell their products and services.


eMpulse DocMagic application based on proprietary UDP technology will help in document security, access control, centralized storage, audit trails and streamlined search and retrieval


WizzERP is a scalable Platform for companies that digitizes process like manufacturing, supply-chain, purchasing, production, and distribution to improve efficiencies and profits.


Emscrum is a Agile project Management tool helps to build an adaptive and transparent development process to improve internal communication and traceability of a project.


Process Improvement is a product which allows for efficient management of company processes, as well as to generate, track and execute process improvement projects within the company.


eMsales is highly scalable and customizable, provides customer contact information like names, addresses, and phone numbers and other basic details..


eMboard is a product that allows us to manage IT and other processes efficiently.


Empulse WMS helps you in crucial part of supply chain management which includes Inventory management, demand forecasting, ordering, restocking, storing, order fulfillment, and inventory forecasting.