Attez provides consulting services at three improvement levels to enhance your company’s operations and net income.

Our Consulting Engagements

  • Talent optimization at the right cost
  • Process improvements involving assessment of current processes
  • Technology optimization involving automation and boosting process efficiencies

We have a team of competent professional consultants focused on executing business strategy and offering customized services for our clients. Strategy execution covers lean six sigma process management executed by a team of global consultants with an extensive background in process improvement, technology and outsourcing. The services are customized to fit client needs to deliver business results as well as to train employees for capability building. Our consulting expertise helps clients achieve ROI in less than a month of execution. This is possible owing to a fast cycle execution backed by a balanced approach to work in any process area. Your biggest win in engaging us is the development of internal leadership capabilities over time.

Lean Six Sigma Training

We are among the leaders in design and delivery of Lean Six Sigma training and mentoring. eMpulse offers best-in-class Lean Six Sigma training for clients. We have in place state-of-the-art methodologies in process engineering and change management. Our training classes foster innovation and are set in a learning environment which is fun and engaging.

  • LSS Champion – 2 days
  • LSS Green Belt – 10 days
  • LSS Black Belt – 20 days
  • LSS Master – 15 days
  • Intro to LSS – 2 Hours
  • LSS Awareness – 4 hours
  • Lean Practitioner – 2 days
  • Lean Expert – 5 days

Deployment Roadmap Using Lean Six Sigma

Attez has a competent team of experts to lead process improvements, based on rigorous operational process consulting. This is followed by an assessment, Execution Kaizen and stabilization of processes. The assessment phase is the beginning of every execution. This involves a week-long end-to-end stream assessment, to pick projects that need improvement. Once the assessment is complete, we begin Execution Kaizen, where high priority value streams are selected depending upon the assessment and our consultants conduct a Mega Kaizen to get some early wins, within six weeks. Finally, the rollout phase aimed at making the company self-sufficient in continuous improvement takes place. This typically involves training and deployment of smaller products.


Typical Deployment Roadmap


An end to end value stream assessment is conducted to pick the correctly prioritized list of projects. This is typically done within a week’s time.

Mega Kaizen

The high priority value streams from the assessment is selected and a Mega Kaizen is conducted to get some early wins. This can be done within 6 weeks. ROI is positive by this time

Roll Out

This typically involves training, deployment of smaller products and working towards getting the company self sufficient in Continuous Improvement