MIS Reports

If the lack of a realistic analysis tool is hurting your business deals, our data-driven MIS reports that analyze and gauge operations can help you set and meet business goals more efficiently. eMpulse has established a robust framework to produce custom-designed MIS reports that help clients stay updated about their operations and sales performances. We have highly skilled statisticians to design and deliver the reports that evaluate businesses at multiple levels. The MIS reports are delivered on monthly, weekly or daily basis, according to client needs.

What Sets us Apart:

  • Custom-built dashboards
  • Delivered on cloud and offline
  • Created on Advanced analytics software
  • Smartphone, computer and tablet compliant
  • Graphic and visual reports for easy comprehension

Supply Chain

eMpulse has a team of proficient industrial engineers and domain experts, driving end-to-end solutions to support supply chain operations. To our clients, this means improved process chain velocity. Our bouquet of services is layered; we cover the whole spectrum of services that complement and foster an efficient supply chain management system.

What Sets us Apart: Expertise in functions such as

  • Planning and scheduling, covering master and shop scheduling
  • Trucking and logistics with features for GPS, safety management
  • Vendor management including procurement and delivery tracking
  • Supply chain management covering route optimization and online transaction monitoring

Finance and Accounts

A lot of the outsourced business processes managed by eMpulse call for high-skilled labor and specialist skills. We are sticklers for quality and precision that are the characteristics of a CFO’s office. To ensure seamless delivery and service, our team is always on-call for deliveries, on time. Our services help reduce the burden of lower end tasks on client’s teams.

Below are the finance and accounting services that we offer:

  • Accounts payable, covering vendor payment management
  • Bookkeeping, including ledger maintenance and cost entry in QuickBooks
  • Accounts receivable processes, including invoice generation and distribution, payment tracking

What Sets us Apart:

  • Cloud-based support
  • Meticulous focus on quality
  • Highly responsive team ensuring on-time delivery and management of new needs